Desperation…..spinning out of control……

….my life is like that sometimes. Is yours?

I’m still really struggling with what curriculum plan to go with for the year. I’m so frustrated with myself. I worry and worry…for what? I’m not going to find the ‘perfect’ thing anyway! What happened to all my assurances that “they’re always learning” and “we don’t have to use textbooks or a packaged curriculum”? See what I mean when I say I stress too much and I have a hard time just letting go? AAARRRGGHH!!

Seriously….I have looked at all of the following over the last several days:
….and back and forth again between them all. I’ve filled up shopping carts to check prices. I’ve filled in my lesson book (first week) several times to see how it would work. All with various programs. I’ve emptied the carts. I’ve whited out the notes. Four of the above programs I have at least some of the resources sitting on my shelves right now! Curriculum junkie, anyone? I am just having a really hard time. I know I have to pick something that is not going to stress all of us out too much, but I also want to make sure that my kids are being challenged enough. I’ve looked at combining them all, combining just the older two, having them all in separate programs. Which is going to be the least taxing on me this year yet still teach them what is necessary?
I am so tempted to have an unschooling year (except for math and English) since Karl said I can do whatever I want and he’ll leave me alone. It would be a great time to try it…may need to give that more thought….I mean, we are in Florida, which is not nearly as regulated as NY.
I have changed my plans from day to day, hour to hour, morning to evening….it. is. quite. ridiculous. All of this because of a teeny baby arriving soon and an impending move. Life is full of twists and turns, that’s for sure…..and I am so completely overwhelmed. I need to “pick something and stick to it”….as Karl says….but he doesn’t know how much pressure that puts on me to do ‘the right thing’. I agree with him, I just need to make sure I make the right choice….how do I know? I’m praying, will you pray with me? If I sound desperate, it’s because I am…..thank you.

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3 Responses to Desperation…..spinning out of control……

  1. mimi says:

    Oh Wendy!! I totally understand…hello, from a fellow curriculum junkie. I probably should have read this before sending you an email earlier:) I've decided to "be still" for a couple of days(mostly because I'm so tired). I'm praying that we will both find clarity. There are so many great programs out there, it's hard to choose. I love your idea of doing a somewhat "unschooled" yr. You could do seat work for math and LA, then read-aloud time for everyone (or quiet time reading). History and Science could easily be introduced through great books and websites. I'd lean away from TOG-it seems to require much from the teacher, with 2 little ones this may not be an easy yr for that. I could go on and on…email me if you want, I have a couple of links to share with you, too. Love ya!! Don't fret, it will all get figured out!!

  2. Edwena says:

    Praying for you.Edwena from HOD board

  3. Wendy says:

    Thank you both….encouragement means the world to me! 🙂

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