A full day…

Today was pretty successful. I was able to get Unit 3, day 1 of Beyond…completed with Corbin and Hailey. We also started another book for story time….Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims. We had been reading Mountain Born, which is a good book, but I had not noticed that I was supposed to be reading a biography according to the lesson plans. So, we will read the other book at night and continue on with the new one, getting through it within 2 weeks time. Both kids did math and handwriting, Corbin also did a math test and aced it, Hailey completed dictation and Corbin began his spelling practice for the new unit. Each did some copy work from our new poem for the week. Hailey also did another lesson in her reading skills workbook. I reviewed the last couple of English lessons with Hailey…she still has a bit of trouble diagramming sentences when there are adverbs and adjectives involved, but is doing well for the most part…..and completed another lesson begun earlier in the week. She spent the afternoon with her dad picking out supplies for a ‘silly hat’ for church this week….and getting the iPad I spoke of in an earlier post. They are now picking up Greek food for our Family Fun Night meal and will be home soon hopefully…I’m hungry!

I mailed out the registration and money for their sports class today. They start the morning session on Wednesday. After finally reaching the instructor for the horseback-riding lessons, I found out the class is full. It would cost us $40 extra a month to put Hailey in the regular classes, plus she wouldn’t necessarily meet other homeschooling students that way, so she will not be taking lessons at this time. Maybe later on, if possible.
Logan completed his week by turning in a report on The Time Machine and his required questions from his Civics book. He also did the handwriting lesson for today and part of lesson 2 from The Paragraph Book. Math and English were on his agenda as well….started his Algebra 1/2 book yesterday….and another report on The Answers Book, which he is using for science.

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