Tessellations…and other stuff

We went to the doctor’s office this morning. I needed to get physicals done for Corbin and Hailey. They had not seen our doctor yet, plus we needed exam and immunization forms to submit to the umbrella school we will be using. After researching options in Florida, I decided it would be easier on all of us if we go with the ‘private school’ option….but they do require the paperwork because the state requires it of them. We are still homeschooling as before, this will just make the paperwork less for us overall….which is definitely a plus for me!
Some of you math-minded people may have heard this word before….tessellations….but I had not, so when I saw it as the title for Hailey’s math lesson today I was quite perplexed. Fortunately for me I am quite the adept reader, so I wasn’t very long into the lesson before understanding that the word just means a tiling…a term derived from the Roman word tesselae, which were tiles used to make mosaics and decorate homes, temples, and other buildings years and years ago. (I know! Who knew math could educate you in other areas?) Here is a tessellation Hailey created during a math activity this afternoon…

For book work, Corbin completed math, handwriting, and spelling practice. Besides math, Hailey was able to fit in handwriting, some science reading about space rocks, and her reading skills workbook. Logan worked on his OFE readings, as well as math and English. He also babysat Emma for me this morning while I took the other two to the doctor, so he made $2.00 today, as well. 😉
Some pics of our late afternoon…

‘Soccer’ in the backyard.

Emma stole the ball for a while…

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2 Responses to Tessellations…and other stuff

  1. mimi says:

    I had never heard of tesselations either….until my boys told me about a computer game they were playing about tesselations!Your backyard looks dreamy. Any alligators in the pond?I love Emma's pig tail!

  2. Wendy says:

    No alligators that we've seen, though there was a rumor of one….we keep the kids INSIDE the fence to be safe. Emma finally will keep her elastics in so we love to have pigtails. If e don;t her hair is in her eyes and she's constantly pushing it out of her face…and that's not pretty either. We enjoy our backyard…it's small but there's a nice breeze and it's big enough to kick a ball around in. And we do like not having neighbors directly behind us, just the water…

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