CHAA Saints

Today the kids started their sports classes with the Saints….through the Christian Homeschooling Athletics Association. They got to try frisbee, kickball, 2 games called Borrowing the Biscuits and Sharks and Minnows, and archery. They had a great time, coming home saying they made new friends…and even remembering their names! They’ve been needing this, and I’m looking forward to a good year now. Social activities, here we come. đŸ˜‰

We have decided that Wednesdays will be our day ‘off’ during the week since the kids will be spending 3 hours that day each week doing P.E. So I guess it’s not really off, just not a book work day. The coaches seem to really enjoy kids, it was very organized, and though I did not actually meet anyone all the moms there seemed nice. I’m sure I’ll get to know at least one or two, which will be nice, too.
We decided not to go to the library today…I’m too tired. Karl volunteered to return all our stuff so I don’t have to. Isn’t he sweet? And tomorrow, late morning probably, we will go to a different branch we’ve been wanting to try but haven’t visited yet.
I went through a few of my ‘school’ books today and listed them for sale. I’m trying to get rid of some things we’ve never used. It’s really tough, because I want to use them but some of it just won’t work for us right now. It’s taking up space we don’t have, so out they go. I am a self-proclaimed curriculum-junkie….so it’s a struggle to let go.
Tomorrow I’m also planning to go through some more of our boxes to decide what else we can donate or throw out. I really want to get that done before baby makes her appearance…and the weeks are flying by.
That’s it for today. Now we’re going to head outside.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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