A very slow morning…

Today we all got a slow start to the day….well, I did. I was able to get some laundry started and the sheets changed on my bed while Hailey and Corbin played with Emma. Now, the middle two are working on some math problems while Emma plays with her kitchen toys nearby. We read some books together earlier (E and I) and she had a snack with me. Soon it will be time to prepare lunch and then nap time for her. This afternoon we will go to the library. I wanted to make it there in the morning because then there aren’t so many kids there…it’s a place many children hang out after school…I guess because it’s a ‘safe’ environment. It’s just so crowded and I like to go when there are fewer people there. Maybe we’ll go while Emma naps, but I really like to have some time to myself then, so I’m not sure. We will need to do some chores this afternoon….the house is sorely in need of it. I don’t know if I’ll get to those boxes in the garage after all…too many other things to do.

Logan has been reading his OFE books all morning and is now doing some math problems and his English lesson. He should be done by lunch…he got a really early start today. He’s also been enjoying a new space book we ordered from National Geographic that we got in the mail a few days ago. He’s been very into space the last several months, so it was just a natural thing to get the book for him. Even though I know he knows this, I did still warn him to “keep in mind that this is probably written from an evolutionary viewpoint.” His response, “Yeah, definitely.” He’s able to see the difference, so it’s okay.
Corbin spent the morning reading some books to himself, playing with Emma, and then playing in his room. He seemed content to do so, and I love to see him reading.
I’m tired today…it was a late night and it’s been kind of a rough morning. Not the kids, just me…moving WAY slow.
Tomorrow’s got to be better…..it is Family Fun Night, after all. πŸ˜‰
I had to come back and add that Logan has really been enjoying the iPad we got over the weekend. (Karl as well) We got it, really, for Logan to read his school books on so we don’t have to keep printing them out. It’s working very well for that. However, there are some very cool features as well. It’s similar to the iPhone (but without the phone feature) in that there are Apps….Netflix; Google Maps; Notes; Sketchbook Pro; a NASA one that shows pics of the planets, gives info. about each one and links into NASA and gets info. from there; Starwalk, etc. He used Starwalk tonight in the backyard…you take the device and hold it up to the sky and it shows the constellations that you’re looking at. So. Very. Cool. He went out and sat in one of the camp chairs in the yard and just looked at all the stars…..referring to the screen on the iPad to find out what he was actually seeing. He loves it, and it is a neat learning tool.

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2 Responses to A very slow morning…

  1. mimi says:

    I hope you feel better this afternoon. Having not seen you in person in forever…I forget how far along in your pregnancy you are. You have a lot going on and are just such a great mom!! yay for family night and a long weekend :)*I know what you mean about having the library to yourself before school gets out πŸ˜‰

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh, we went too late and got 'stuck' in the car loop (which I knew nothing about) when we were leaving. There are some CRAZY mama drivers out there! You could definitely tell when school was out because the kids came in by the droves…nothing against the kids, it just messes up my sense of peace…;) The library was HUGE and awesome, by the way, so it will probably be our normal branch from now on…and the librarian was so helpful. She called Corbin 'honey bun" when he approached the desk for help, which I thought was really sweet, and she helped Logan find some books he wanted too. The ladies at the other branch are always very helpful too, but this lady was extraordinarily wonderful!I am now 32 weeks along, and things are going well. I'm feeling good, just tired for the most part. Thanks for encouraging me…sometimes I don't feel like such a great mom. ;{ Looking forward to our game night tomorrow and some yummy food on the grill.

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