The SAINTS, etc.

Today is Wednesday, so for our family this year that means getting in the car and arriving at a local park by 9 a.m. so the older three kids can participate in their sports class. It’s 3 hours of prizes, talking and playing with friends, learning new games (both sports-related and not), and a snack time. Prayer for the day’s events is included as well as any necessary ‘teaching’ of respect, etc. They really seem to love it. It’s only the second week, but all of them have come home talking excitedly about what they did and who they met….so glad they are getting in some ‘socialization’. 😉

Since we had Monday off for Labor Day, Logan decided to get a couple of his school assignments done today, even though he would normally be off due to the morning session at the park. He has the freedom to work on whichever days he chooses since he is in charge of scheduling his work each week…he just refers to the list of things and puts them where he wants to do them. So today he is working on a report that’s due Friday and a Civics assignment.
Hailey is sewing a bunny for Corbin…she decided to just use a pair of her socks for it. Red. Corbin just finished playing on Club Penguin. He is alternating between watching Hailey, looking at books, and playing with his Lego mini figures.
Emma is napping…hopefully for at least another 1.5 hours…so I am blogging then planning to catch up on some reading.

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