Titles are hard to come by…

I couldn’t think of an appropriate title for this that I haven’t used before…maybe I should stop giving my posts titles….

This morning Emma had her 18-month checkup at the doctor’s office, so I had to get assignments handed out before leaving. Their dad was here working and Logan was upstairs doing his OFE assignments.

Hailey and Corbin both worked on math and handwriting/copy work. Corbin did 4 pages of ETC and practiced spelling words with his sister. Hailey studied her dictation passage, so that we could get right to that when I returned, and I also had her read the first two pages from lessons 3 in The Paragraph Book and do 15 minutes of the typing program. They both helped entertain their sister a few minutes at a time before we left and after I got back home.
This afternoon, Hailey began sewing some clothes for the bunny she made yesterday. She also tried to make a bunny for Corbin but his socks are apparently not long enough…ankle socks won’t work, I guess. ;0 She said she’ll try again when I find some appropriate socks. Karl took a picture of her bunny…I’ll post it once he loads it onto the computer.

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