A mixed-up day…

Today was a mixed-up sort of day, just because I had my OB appointment this morning. Karl was here and watched Emma, but I did not get to tell him anything to do with school work, so Corbin only got handwriting done while I was gone. Hailey worked on math, English, handwriting, typing, and studied her dictation, which I then went over with her when I returned. I had Corbin take his math test before lunch, then late this afternoon he did two more grammar sheets and began working on a spelling activity. I still have to finish that with him…starting to learn ABC order. Hailey filled in a simple worksheet about body parts as her science for the day. We will get back to our weather lapbook on Monday, hopefully. Logan completed his English, math, handwriting and typing plus the rest of his OFE assigned reading and reports for the week. Now we are all relaxing a bit with a snack, the kids watching cartoons while I blog. We will get chores done early, have a regular dinner, then Family Fun Night. The movie choice: Flicka. I hope it’s a good one. Thinking of making sugar-free brownies for dessert….


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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