Today got off to a decent start, but we did have a little bump in the road along the way. I often feel like I meet resistance every time I try to ‘teach’ something. And I don’t mean I’m standing up front lecturing or anything….this is when a child misses a few math problems and I try to show said child how to do it correctly. Today, we had an instance where 3 problems were not completed…the first part was done correctly, but the child did not follow through with the directions. While trying to speak with this child about the issue…..the child continued to insist that the way it was done was correct, without having even referred to the book yet to check the problem! Anyway, that gets a bit frustrating. I am trying to be less strict with our schooling, allowing for the kids to all learn a little more about what they want instead of having a set curriculum and we must complete X, Y, Z every day. However, math is not one of the areas I can let go. Even if I wanted to, Karl would never allow that, so this problem just makes us all miserable. I don’t really know how to make it more enjoyable for this child…it seems this one is just destined to dislike anything resembling school. I am not aiming for ‘school at home’, I dislike that myself, but this is the way we do our math and that’s not going to change. I tend to get discouraged when this happens and it makes me very tired…and I don’t enjoy the learning then, after that. I can only imagine how a teacher in a school must feel when he/she has a student (or multiple students) who doesn’t want to learn and meets this resistance. I’m still learning, even though this is our 5th year of homeschooling, how to do this. No year has looked the same….and I really want the kids to have a love of learning. I don’t hear any positive comments from this one child about any of the schooling really….the other two have positive things to say most days, but not all. I really want to help this child…and help us all. It is causing some upheaval, at least for me, because it seems to be an every day occurrence. I have been reading a lot, trying to figure out a good way to do this thing….today I feel like a failure. Other days go well……I really don’t like days like this. 😦 I know that’s just life, but I feel we really need a solution. Any suggestions from my fellow homeschoolers….or anyone else who may have some bright ideas?


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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