Light days ahead….

School-wise, at least. A very light day today…and I’m sure the days will become increasingly so as we near the new baby’s arrival and the immediate weeks following. I have weekly visits to the doctor now, and after the baby arrives everyone knows it will be a bit hectic for a while. I had another OB appointment this morning, so I was gone for a bit. Karl was here to help with Emma between business calls, and the kids watched her the rest of the time. I have to go back tomorrow, but just to meet their 3rd doctor. She’s the on-call on the weekends, so they just want me to go in and talk with her briefly….a meet and greet of sorts….so if I end up going in on a Saturday or Sunday I won’t be attended to by a complete stranger. That sounds good to me. Two of my four have been delivered by doctors I had not met until delivery day! ;0

Hailey was able to complete a math lesson, and English lesson (actually 2 to finish up her current textbook), and a handwriting lesson this morning. Tomorrow she will start her new grammar level…Rod and Staff 4. We’ll move through it more slowly to make sure she ‘gets’ it all, plus we have plenty of time to finish level 6 by the end of 8th grade. It’s a more rigorous program, advanced I guess, so she can work in the lower level but still learn what she needs to for her grade….if that makes sense.
Corbin only worked on handwriting and ETC this morning. I may have him complete a math lesson later this afternoon, I’m not sure. It won’t hurt anything if he skips a day, though.
Logan did his OFE readings, math, English, and handwriting.
Currently, Logan is outside, Hailey is playing on the computer…Zoo Tycoon 2….and Corbin is reading Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren, by Barbara Park. Emma is napping, so I am planning to relax a bit with a book myself. I’m planning to put together a couple more meals for the freezer this afternoon too.

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