A catch-up post…

Just a short post on our ‘schooling’ for this week. My parents arrived yesterday morning so we will only be doing the ‘basics’ for a while. Math, handwriting, and spelling/dictation for Hailey and Corbin, and English a couple of times a week for Hailey. Logan is continuing with his OFE, math, and English until I have the baby…then they will all take a bit of a break. I know they are hoping I have the baby sooner rather than later…because they would love to just veg with Nana and PawPaw the entire time they’re here. I am hoping I have the baby sooner rather than later…..because honestly, she is getting rather large….but also because I’m eager to meet her now. We will be having lots of learning time once she is here that will center around baby care, schedules, breastfeeding, doctor visits, recovery of Mommy, and spending time with my parents and Karl’s parents as well as they visit. So, though we will get minimal book work done in the first weeks after her birth, there will still be lots of practical and applicable learning taking place…..something which they would miss out on if they were going out of the house to a traditional school. Just one more thing to love about the homeschooling life.


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