Learning times….

Some learning that’s been taking place…..

Hailey and Corbin went to ‘town’ with my parents yesterday. Of course they came home with new toys…each got a Mazin Hamster, made by Ganz which is the same company that makes Webkinz. Almost as soon as they got in the door both kids requested that my mom make their animals a hat….she had been sewing some things and they were excited to have someone around who can actually make something! She was happy to comply….making Hailey a pink bonnet and a princess cap for her hamsters (she already had one at home) and a baseball cap for Corbin’s. When Corbin was tucked into bed, he sent down a message for Nana….”Will you please make a yellow sleeveless shirt or vest for my hamster?” Of course she would…so she got that done today. She also made matching (the bonnet/princess cap) dresses/skirts for Hailey’s hamsters. They’re actually very cute…I’ll try to get pictures and post them within the next few days. Once the outfits were complete, the kids could get down to some serious playing. Hailey and Corbin created a game for their hamsters to play together, their own version of…..Jeopardy…..the categories were Animals, Rocks and Minerals, and Video Games. They had a great time playing this together for a while today, and I have to say I was impressed with their creativity! Later this afternoon my mom and I and Hailey went out to Michael’s…my mom was looking for some fabric. There was none there to be found, but we did find several other things we ‘needed’. 😉 I bought a kit for leather shoes (that Hailey can wear with her Indian Girl Halloween costume) because I have not been able to find any at Goodwill or in the stores around here. She started making them today and so far they look good. She seems to be a natural at crafty stuff…she even told her Nana today “I’m kind of crafty.” This is completely the truth…her Nana is crafty too and I’m so glad Hailey is interested and is picking things up. Those skills will only help her in her life….I’m trying to learn now and it is hard as an adult!
We did get a bit of book work done today too.
  • math, dictation/spelling, handwriting…for all three
  • ETC for Corbin
  • Writing Skills and Reading Skills workbooks for Hailey
  • OFE readings and English for Logan
We spent part of the morning outside with Emma…watching her ‘swim’ in her kiddie pool. She spends most of her time throwing toys in the water and drinking the water from the pool out of one of her tea cups from her toy kitchen. It keeps her busy, so it’s all good.
Karl and I took various kids with us, three different times today, walking around the neighborhood to try to get something started with this baby. So far she’s resisting….some day soon.

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