Changes….and learning opportunities

I had Logan help out today by setting up the ‘new’ playpen we got a few months ago from Goodwill. I paid just $9.99…taking a chance that it would be fully functional. Since it was so cheap I figured it was worth the money even if it didn’t work right….because they are expensive new. Anyway, he did a great job figuring it out (he has set up our other one before for Emma) and I was able to have Autumn take her morning nap in it. She did fine out amongst everyone and all the noise.

Hailey has been working on building solar robots over the last couple of days. Though she says she wants to do something with animals (as her career) I would not be surprised if she went into some field of engineering, like her daddy. Anyway, she got a set of 6 tiny solar-powered robots to play with last year for Christmas. It was something she had asked for specifically. She hasn’t done anything with them for months but dragged them out yesterday, creating a windmill, a boat, and a car. She tested them all out, including filling up Emma’s kiddie pool and letting the boat float in it a while. Corbin was an active observer, as was Emma.
Corbin has been reading lots of library books and some that I got at Goodwill the last time we were there. He has also been on the computer…Webkinz….and doing some drawing.
All three of the older kids have spent time creating new levels on Little Big Planet. Logan drew an elaborate set of ‘blueprints’ for his beforehand, and Corbin followed suit, though his were more simple. They also worked together, pooling their money, so they could get a third controller for the Playstation 3. Karl picked that up today while he was running errands, so now they can all play at the same time when they like.
Emma is learning to wait and be more patient, although she’s always been a pretty compliant child. We’ve had our routines and those have been disrupted. She’s had some rough spots over the last week but she cooperating with our ‘new’ way of doing things. It’s been tough (just as I knew it would be) being unable to pick her up or do things the way we normally would but we’re making it. I am looking forward to being back to normal and grabbing her up for a big snuggle whenever I want!
Autumn is learning how to sleep and eat on a schedule. It’s a flexible one but a schedule no less….this will help her to be able to sleep through the night more quickly. She has been awake more during the day over the last couple of days, but obviously still sleeps most of the time. We’re enjoying getting to know all about her.
I am learning (again!) to change my plans. I’ve been forced to re-think some things, ways/methods of doing things. Autumn really began to struggle with nursing. We were spending 30 minutes just trying to get her to latch on, multiple times a day….it was exhausting. I had expected it to be easy since I just went through this with Emma a short time ago. However, every child is different….so we are still giving her breast milk, but in a bottle. We will supplement with formula if and as needed. It is amazing the difference that one change has made! Autumn has gone from screaming during her feedings to peacefully drinking her bottle. She has gone from crying endlessly at night, to sleeping peacefully between her feedings. I am okay with the change…I felt guilty at first, but I know I have to do what is going to work best for us. I do not have time (nor the ability to handle the stress!) to spend 30 minutes just getting her settled, then feeding, etc. while trying to take care of Emma as well. So this is our routine, and I’m glad I decided to make the change. We are all feeling better at this point. 😉

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