Examining ideas….

Okay…I will admit that I have a ‘problem’ with the kids playing video games. Not so much that they play them or even LOVE them, but more that I usually think they should be doing something ‘better’ with their time. I mean, we’ve all heard the mantra “video games (or t.v) will rot your brain”a hundred times. However, as the kids play right now (and have been playing lots since I had the baby), I am noticing some pretty cool things they learn by playing. Now, these things would not necessarily be deemed academic, as in a school subject like history or science, but are still valuable. Little Big Planet is a game that allows the player to create his own level….choosing from various costumes, hair colors and lengths, eyes, teeth, etc. You are able to change these things at any time. It lets the kids’ creative side come out….because let’s face it, Mommy has never been that crafty…so this is one of their ‘artistic outlets’. In school it might be dubbed as Art Class. Except….in any art class I have ever experienced or observed, the students never had free reign over what they chose to create…it was always assigned or they had to make a choice between 2-3 projects available. So, this is one thing I like about the game. Something else I overheard was “Hailey, what kind of teeth would a rabbit have?” Hey, they threw in some science! Corbin, who knows Hailey is our resident animal lover and knower of all animal facts, used her as a resource when creating his rabbit on the game. So, she was able to reference her knowledge and use it to help him, while he was learning how to do ‘research’, one option being to use people, or real life, which is what I’m trying to do more of in our homeschool anyway….transition from ‘school at home’ to more of a lifestyle of learning. Yay, they’re getting it! Now that we have enough controllers, it also promotes cooperation as they play together….working on that….it can be difficult at times as we all know!

So, back to my ‘problem’. I’m really trying to stop seeing their enjoyment of the video games as an obsession and truly just see it as something they get real joy from….I mean, don’t I ‘obsess’ about things too? Let’s see….babies, pregnancy (when I’m pregnant), homeschooling and any book about it or something related), etc. They are learning….all the time, even if it’s through a video game. That doesn’t mean they’ll be playing anytime they like, but I am going to try to let go of some of my concerns about it. Should result in more freedom…which is what I truly desire.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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One Response to Examining ideas….

  1. Frump says:

    I've come to the same conclusion!! 😉

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