Pomegranate Math

Today, while eating lunch, we were discussing the pomegranate we were all sharing. We happen to love them. However, they are relatively expensive. Karl and I were discussing what might happen if we boiled them (I thought that would be gross until I realized it could make jelly…yum!). Then I said, “That would be some expensive jelly.” Hailey piped up and asked us why. Karl told her the price he paid for 5 pomegranates….$8. Then she wanted to figure out how much each pomegranate cost, so decided to work it out….on her paper plate with pomegranate juice. 😉 I love that about homeschooling….really our family has always been like this, learning and discussing ‘educational’ things all the time….it is becoming more natural and easier for me to see it all for what it is…..that it ALL counts towards their education. Pomegranate math…a new concept. Maybe we’ll do math with chocolate chip cookies next…that’s got to be educational, right?


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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