So last week for Family Fun Night we watched How To Train Your Dragon…and it was a hit with everyone. Hailey has been reading lots of dragon books lately…fiction….and she fell in love with this movie. She has asked (and probably has done so) to watch the movie every day. A couple of nights ago she watched the special features portion with Karl…there were how-to’s for drawing Toothless (that’s the dragon), an interview with the author of the book series (we didn’t even know there were books), and deleted scenes, amongst other, various things. She then proceeded to try to draw the dragon. I have to say she did an excellent job, and ended up with several different poses of him. And she was the child who said she’d never be able to draw! I am constantly amazed at their ability to teach themselves a skill….I was always the kid who quit everything. Softball, piano, and I wanted to quit basketball but didn’t. Anyway, I’ve had to be encouraging at times, to get her to keep trying if she really wanted to learn, but never pushing. It was okay with me if she didn’t become an artist…but she really did want to learn and now she is quite accomplished, at least in my opinion. Corbin asked to use one of her drawings to copy, and he sat at the dining room table working diligently on his work of art. He also did quite well. If I can figure out a way to do it, maybe I’ll post some of their drawings of Toothless.

We brought lunch home from Chick-Fil-A today and now they’re watching a movie. Any guesses about which one it is?

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