Pausing once again

We discussed categories for quite a long time last night at dinner. Hailey was trying to come up with just one thing that can’t be put into a category of some kind…she couldn’t do it. 🙂 Every time she named anything we were able to tell her several groups it fit into. It was quite fun, actually.

We’ve had to press the pause button on our book work before we really got started. I had to go to the doctor again and am now being treated with antibiotics via an IV (the infection has returned) so we still have quite a bit of disruption going on. We will have a nurse coming in each day to give me the ‘infusion’, as they call it. That’s better than going in to the office in our opinion….easier on the family overall. So, the kids will get to learn about infections, the importance of keeping their hands clean, they’ll see how an IV works, and get to watch a nurse in action. It should be quite interesting learning for them. I’m sure it will be an interesting experience for her as well with our large brood! It will be slightly easier on Karl too since I will be available to watch the little ones sooner than if I had to drive to and from the office each day.

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