Saturday learnin’…

I squeezed in some reading aloud today, between the IV therapy and the afternoon snack. We read Chapter 3 of Voyage of the Dawn Treader and several more pages in If You Lived 100 Years Ago

We learned that toilet paper, at first, was only used by the rich…it cost $0.50 for 500 sheets….the rest used newspaper squares. Bathrooms in tenements were shared by the inhabitants of each floor, about 1 per every 40 people, while the rich had many bathrooms in their mansions. Since most apartments were not built with bathrooms in mind, if a bathtub existed it was housed in the kitchen alongside the stove and table. The rich slept on comfy feather beds in their luxurious bedrooms while the poor often sought shelter in alleys, doorways, and on hay piles of barges at the docks. If they were lucky enough to have a bed it was shared with brothers and sisters. Electric lights were available by the 1890’s but most could not afford them so still used kerosene lanterns and cooked on coal ranges until the early 1900’s. Clotheslines were used for for hanging out the wash…but also for sending messages and groceries to the top floors of tenements.
I like these history tidbits…things I don’t remember learning. And it doesn’t take us a lot of time to read it. Interesting stuff. And, as always, the Narnia book is very exciting!

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