A little bit of craziness…

Today began with a bit of craziness…Emma woke up quite early, for her, and Karl went in to comfort her a bit. She settled down and went back to sleep for a while, but she woke up the second time sick. She’s been a little cranky for a few days and we attributed it to the flu shots they all had last week. Not sure now…she vomited twice and has not since. She even held down a little breakfast and a decent lunch. I’m trying to make sure she drinks plenty too. Amidst all this I was trying to feed Autumn, I had to let the nurse in and get stuff ready for my IV infusion, I had to clean the floor after Emma threw up, Karl had to leave me to it to take Hailey to her horse back riding class and upon returning was not available due to a conference call for work (which I understand), I made my breakfast, held the baby because she was not napping well, fed the baby again, and did a little laundry. A very hectic morning, to say the least. No one got any ‘book’ work done or any reading aloud either. Tonight is Family Fun Night and Logan has 222 (at church) so still gonna be a busy afternoon and evening getting ready for that. I needed (still do) a shower but have yet to have time for that….I know it seems I should have time now but the baby is awake and I have to be available at the moment for her….I’m actually still in my pj’s. Hoping to get that done in the next hour……kind of a crazy day here. Today…….the kids learned…… that life is like that!


About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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