Adding some things….

This week we added back in a little bit of book work. The kids have all done math and some grammar or phonics. Hailey also completed a page in each of her reading and writing workbooks as well as a dictation exercise yesterday. We’re taking it slow but trying to get back into a sort of routine. The nurse is still coming all this week so things are still a bit unpredictable. There has still been lots of reading going on, building with Legos, and computer use. We made a trip to the library for new books yesterday and picked up Cranberry Thanksgiving, which I will be reading with Hailey and Corbin this week and next week. We also may do some fun Thanksgiving-themed activities. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still working on getting Autumn on a routine as well, so much of our reading and book work is going to be squeezed in between her feedings….as she gets older we’ll have longer periods to work on math or phonics or reading aloud, etc. Since the holidays are coming up we would normally be taking it easy anyway, so it gives me time to make some decisions about how we’ll do things after the new year. It’s hard to believe that time is almost here! I really do want to be relaxed in our homeschooling but I’m finding that there are some things that are better if scheduled, so I’m going to try to work that out over the next several weeks.


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  1. really.truly says:

    I think I love Cranberry Thanksgiving more than my kids 🙂 I want to find Cranberry Christmas too! I love anything with Cranberries 🙂

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