Beginning our Christmas study…

Today we began our Christmas unit study. All of the kids are studying the same topic, but the assignments are different….based on each child’s ability. They each have a notebook they are using just for this study. Their math, English, and spelling/dictation will still be done the same as always. Logan’s copy work is longer than Corbin’s and Hailey’s. Corbin will dictate a story to me then copy it into his notebook, but Hailey will write her own story that will be a couple of paragraphs long….Logan’s may take up a whole page and go more in-depth. So far it seems to be keeping their interest and is going well.

We went to the library today too. I looked for books about Christmas that I can read aloud while the kids picked out what they wanted to read. Corbin had the librarian find some things for him and Logan put a few books on hold. I guess Hailey found what she was looking for on the shelves. Autumn slept in her carrier with me while Emma ran from the shelves to the table and back…she was picking out a book, ‘reading’ it, then returning it and choosing another. I was not pleased when we arrived at the library and I discovered that my stroller for her had been removed from the car…but she did great and we didn’t need it. The timing for our visit was perfect….I think we’ll plan our library trips for the 11 o’clock hour every Monday. We were the only people in the children’s section except for two different ladies who came in separately and left pretty soon after arriving. The librarians were being sort of loud themselves…I guess because there was no one there to disturb (not that it’s ever quiet anyway because all the kids that are usually there DO NOT abide by the ‘quiet’ rule)… I didn’t worry about the little bit of noise we made. It was very relaxing, even with all five kids in tow. 😉 Now if we can just manage to get up at an appropriate time each morning, we will at least have a bit of a routine going.

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