Some book work and family fun night…

This morning Autumn had her 2-month check-up so I spent the first part of the morning out of the house. Karl left for Miami after speaking with me and finding out that I was on my way home…the doctor’s office is only 5 minutes away. Once I returned, I did help Hailey go over her math lesson. She also completed her history reading. Corbin finished a math lesson and 3 pages in ETC. Logan also did a math lesson, then completed an English lesson and a handwriting page.

We had planned to spend this afternoon making more cranberry bread. However, I had forgotten that the book we need, with the recipe on the back of it, is still at the library waiting for us to pick it up. We returned it by mistake during our last visit…they’re holding it for us. So, it will be tonight or tomorrow before we can make the bread…then we’ll take some to a couple of neighbors as a “Merry Christmas” gift.
Family Fun Night is tonight. We don’t have a movie planned, though we may see what’s on Netflix instant play. I considered having Karl take the older three kids to see Voyage of the Dawntreader, though we haven’t finished reading the book yet, but I don’t know if he’ll want to do that. I could take them, but I think he would rather have me stay here with the fussy baby (immunizations seem to have made her crankier than usual today) than doing that himself. I would like to be the one to take them to see Tangled…whenever we go. Not sure what kind of goodies we’ll have…need to look into that, I guess.

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