It’s the little things….

We were very ‘accomplished’ people today and got all of the book work done before lunch. That may seem like a little thing and not like much of an accomplishment, but around here it’s a BIG deal! We will be adding some other work soon, so we may not always be able to do that, but it’s nice when it happens. Then we can all relax more in the afternoons and pursue whatever interests we have.

Corbin made a 100 on his math test, I went over a math investigation with Hailey, and Logan completed another assignment in his Algebra 1/2 book. The older two did English lessons while Corbin completed 5 pages in ETC, and they all worked on a handwriting lesson. Corbin and I also finished another day’s worth of lesson plans in his Beyond…book. We have to wait until tomorrow now to find out what is going to happen to Squanto…he was captured today at the end of our chapter! Hailey and Logan each finished out their morning with a 15 minute typing lesson. Corbin went through two more lessons in RME. At this rate, he will finish the program in two weeks and we will move on to the emerging reader’s books from Beyond...I’m looking forward to that. I think he will enjoy those.
Now it’s raining……we were going to a park play date with some friends of the boys but we cancelled due to the rain. Maybe next month (it’s once a month) we’ll try again. Instead, the older kids are watching Despicable Me and the little girls are both sleeping, so I’m ending here to go read my book a bit before Autumn’s next feeding. More tomorrow….

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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