More sports

SAINTS today…the kids are still loving the sports class, and they love to see their friends each week. Many of the other kids attend our church too, so our kids often get to see their friends Sunday mornings as well. Not to mention the ones they’ve made at church already.

We did no other book work today, typical of our Wednesdays due to the morning class. Emma, Autumn, and I did stop by BJ’s after dropping the older kids off. We still needed a few things that I couldn’t get at the grocery store last night. I’m looking forward to just being home tomorrow, getting some things done….like making some muffins to keep in the freezer for breakfast, maybe cooking some chicken so it’s ready to use in casseroles, etc. I’m hoping the kids will finish their work in a timely manner and will be available to help me with some of it, since they enjoy cooking…..especially Corbin and Hailey.

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wife, mama to five
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