More to do…

Today Logan started using his new program. He read about Paul and Rome, created an arch that he will later use in an art project, researched Malta on the Internet, and completed lessons in his math and English books. It was nice to have him around and to see him working, to interact with him within the school day again… opposed to his being in his room all morning and only appearing for lunch. We are going slow to get him used to the flow of things, so he only finished one page of a two-page spread of lessons. In a couple of weeks I expect to bump him up to ‘full speed’. Our goal is to have him finish this guide by mid-October.

I completed half a day’s plan with Hailey and Corbin, too. For them it doesn’t matter so much if we go more slowly. Everyone is going full-pace with math and language arts anyway, so the basics are up to speed. This allowed us to finish before lunch, except Logan who still had about 1.5 hours to go. I’m sure he’ll move faster once he is familiar with how it all works. I think I am going to begin doing some of his English orally, like I do with Hailey, which means less writing and finishing that subject more quickly each day as a result.

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One Response to More to do…

  1. really.truly says:

    It sounds like the new routine is going well! We do our english orally also! We do a few things orally đŸ™‚ Do whatever works best for your kids. And if they are like mine….each is different :)You are doing a great job Wendy!

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