Success, but so tired….

Today I was up so early…..5:30….to feed Atumn. Typically she sleeps later than that, but there was no holding her off today. Once that was done, I came downstairs to get my day started. I am so tired now, but I’m glad I didn’t crawl back into bed like I wanted….I could have slept another hour before the kids were up… made our school day go much better. We slept in Friday and you could really tell in (my) attitudes. All the kids finished their work before lunch and now we can all relax a bit while babies sleep……which was my goal in getting up early. :0

Math, English, dictation, ETC, history readings (different) for all, science, art projects, copy work, and poetry…….that is what filled our morning. Various children played with Emma, she had a snack with Elmo while I finished up with the ‘big’ kids, then we ll ate lunch with Daddy before Emma’s nap.

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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