Multi-tasking in ernest…

Sorry it’s been so long…..been trying to organize and get some book work done, trips to the doctor and library, groceries….life interferes with my blogging, I tell ya!

Today the kids were at SAINTs again. Corbin was so happy to be able to go. He had not been able to find his sneakers since we returned home from my parents’ house….he went last week because they allowed him to wear his sandals since it was “just one time”, but I told him we were not going to do that again and he would have to miss this week if he did not find them. We searched his room, the car, the rest of the house to no avail yesterday. I finally thought of one more place this morning and told him to go look….they were there, in a hidden away bag still not unpacked from our trip to Nana’s. An eleventh hour save!
This morning I came home with the two little ones while the older three were at the park. Autumn slept almost the whole time and I was able to focus on Emma. It was fun, and amazing how little screaming goes on when she gets some one-on-one attention from me….really need to make sure that happens several times a day, every day! We (me) have done some cleaning this afternoon, I have banana muffins in the making, need to make cheese dip to go with Tostitos because we’re responsible for snacks tonight (for the Life Group), still need to decide what to make for dinner and make it……busy afternoon.
I picked out a book to read to Corbin and Hailey during our time upstairs tonight….we’re gonna start Mr. Poppers Penguins and read it each week until we finish. I may let them work on the puzzle we stated last week while I read…..and this is all dependent on the babies going to sleep when they are supposed to, of course!
I’m looking forward to tonight….anxious to see how the boys do this week after their excellent meeting last week. Praying they will open up and really get into His word again……
By the way, Emma’s learning these days includes using the potty….sporadically, but willingly….and Autumn is learning to eat rice cereal. 🙂

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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