Learning time and a service project….

While the older two worked on their history and science reading, Corbin and I went over math. He completed a handwriting page, took a spelling test, and wrote his new spelling words 3 times each. He also did 2 pages in his science workbook. Logan and Hailey each did a math lesson, a handwriting lesson, and 15 minutes of their typing program. They are both very capable at their cursive handwriting, so once they finish these workbooks I won’t be ordering more for them….just want them to get through what they have.

I’m still in the planning stages for the next book I’m going to ROW with Corbin….we’re using FIAR some of the time. I’ve had books on hold and I just got a notice today that Katy and the Big Snow is in so we’ll begin that one on Monday. I have to pick up the book plus print out some things we’ll be using along with it over the weekend, then we’ll be ready to go.
I started reading a new book, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, to Corbin and Hailey today. I’ve been trying to read aloud more. We used to do it a lot and kind of got out of the everyday habit after Emma was born. I’m looking forward to getting some of those books in that we’ve been wanting to read. This one is pretty interesting so far. We’re also going to begin listening to The Last Battle, the last book in the Narnia series. That will be with all three of the older kids. We’ll probably start it tomorrow afternoon. We really enjoyed the previous two on audio, so I’m sure this one will be great fun, too.
The family ‘project’ I’ve mentioned a couple of times started on Tuesday. The local foster care system needs volunteers. There are many things to sign up for, but I decided it would be best for our family if we take a meal to one of the families once a month. So, after a few calls to get details straight, we were on the list. We’ll be preparing a meal on the last Tuesday of each month and delivering it to the facility. This first time I went by myself with the baby. I was not sure how everything was set up, etc. so I thought it would be best not to take everyone until I had seen the place for myself. I was not able to meet the parents or children, except one, this time. He was a sweet little boy, seven years old like Corbin, and was very excited to find out that “all that food” was going to his house. 😉 We exchanged names and I told him that I have a little boy his age. The lady in the office there who coordinates the meal donations (and many other things) suggested that maybe I could bring him next time and they could play. She said she would work it out so I could meet the family next time. I’ll probably take Corbin and maybe the other children to help deliver next month. We took them a yummy taco salad that a lady in my church made for every. single. church gathering. I love it, my kids love it, and I hope their family loved it! I took everything separate and left it for them to mix together because it’s better when mixed and served right away. I also took a fruit bowl and some homemade chocolate chip cookies that Karl helped me bake, along with two 2 liter drinks. I’m hoping to find out what they like next time, so I’ll know better how to serve them with these meals. I won’t be much help to them if the children won’t eat what I’m delivering! I plan to get my children involved as much as possible too so it can be a family service project. It felt good to help out, and I’m looking forward to doing it again and getting to know the family(ies).

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One Response to Learning time and a service project….

  1. really.truly says:

    Very cute book. I really want to start "rowing" again. Have you read Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel yet? There is a cute old movie version(check library).Very cool family service ministry!! What a wonderful thing you guys are doing. The first meal sounds great…I want the taco salad recipe!

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