Getting ready for next week…

Yesterday was kind of busy in the morning. Hailey had her riding lesson. While she did that, though I would rather have stayed there and read a book or chatted with the other moms, I had some errands to run. We had to go to the post office to mail some packages…late gifts that I just couldn’t get there before to send out (sorry!)…and then we made a quick stop at the library to pick up a book I had on hold. Corbin and Emma sat in the kids’ section at a table looking at books while I checked out and paid my fines (eek!). I was very happy with how quiet and well-behaved they both were. I had the baby with me and Logan had stayed home to do his school work, so Corbin was ‘in charge’, which is a rarity. We had to leave as soon as I was finished though, because in traffic it takes a while to get back out to the horse ranch. We actually arrived early enough to see the girls doing a last exercise, then we waited for them to groom the horses. I did get a chance to chat with one of the moms then. We’ve been talking some each week, getting to know one another. She has four children…her oldest takes lessons with Hailey. Her youngest is only a couple of weeks younger than Autumn, and she’s a girl, so that’s fun. Her baby has two teeth already!

The afternoon was more calm. The kids worked on some school stuff and I worked on ourFamily Fun Night meal. It was easy….hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. Everybody was happy with it though, because we haven’t had that in quite some time. Karl and I also made a trip out to Publix with the littlest two in the late afternoon….had to pick up some fruit and other things we were running low on. It was nothing exciting, yet it was to be able to be out with my husband. We have a date on Sunday since we finally found a babysitter, so we’re looking forward to some time alone then.
I have printing to do this weekend to get ready for Corbin’s school work next week…just a few booklets, a cover, and whatever other activities that are in the lesson plans for Katy and the Big Snow. I wish we had started this in NY…then we could have been learning about snow when we could see real snow….but at least he has a reference point now. He can remember being there and playing in it, so that will help. I am excited about doing another FIAR book…it’s been a while. The last one we did was great fun!
I’m looking forward to a weekend with the family, hoping to accomplish a few things.

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