More learnin’

Last night Corbin and Hailey spent several hours drawing pictures for a ‘movie’ they are making. Hailey even used her video camera to make a stop-motion video with her newest Webkinz puppy. It was pretty good. I love to see what they do with their time when they are not in ‘school’. They get inspired and then spend hours working on whatever their latest idea is. So much learning takes place, because they are motivated when it’s something of their own making! Corbin was asking me how to spell words, the two of them were working together (which is sometimes lacking!), they were writing…..and it wasn’t even a school day. I love it, and I just had to share! If we can find the right cable, I’ll have Karl post Hailey’s video. And she wrote on her blog, so go here to read her post.

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wife, mama to five
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