An interesting development

Horseback riding for Hailey again this morning… we were about to leave, her instructor asked me to call her later. It was a good thing. Once we got home, had lunch, and got the babies to bed I called her. She wanted to talk to me about possibly putting Hailey in a different class. She said Hailey has a natural talent, is “the best in the class”, and would really benefit from being in a class where some of the girls are better than her… she can learn more and advance further. We’ll have to think about it….the other classes are once a week or twice a week and they are more expensive. We’d have to pay about twice as much for the weekly class and a little over 3 times as much for the twice-weekly class. That’s quite a large investment. Also, she has already made friends in this class and she’d be going into something new, possibly not knowing anyone, again. Not to mention that these classes are after school, while the one she is in right now is Friday mornings, which we’ve gotten used to. But, I do want her to continue to be able to make progress and the instructor just doesn’t seem to think she’s going to be able to go much further in this one. I think it’ because she can’t instruct the other girls in one thing and then try to start Hailey in other, more advanced things, during the same class. Lots to consider….in any case, it was really nice to hear how well she is doing. And I’ve enjoyed watching her ride. I already thought she was the best in her class, but I could be a little biased.

The kids completed all of their book work after lunch…..math, English, handwriting, typing, ETC, dictation, etc.

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2 Responses to An interesting development

  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 We still need to row this book. We started it and got sidetracked…hehe!

  2. Oops…this was supposed to be on the Katy post.

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