More of Katy…

I had photos…but now they’ve disappeared, even though I just imported them from my phone to the computer. Maybe when I find them I can come back and add them. ;}

We read Katy again today and also This Place in the Snow by Rebecca Bond. Corbin and I discussed personification….a big word for a 2nd grader, but I think he gets it. We also tried to remember details about Katy without looking in the book. She’s red, a crawler tractor, has a v-shaped snow plow, beautiful, etc. We read in Luke about the shepherds watching their flocks at night and discussed how they were responsible (one of our words to discuss with this book) and put themselves in danger to protect their flocks, how they may have been lonely……responsibilities aren’t always fun or safe. He worked on a weather wheel and we talked about different types of weather. I found the definition for snow for him to copy into his What is snow? booklet. He also did a handwriting sheet, a math lesson, and wrote his spelling words 3 times each.
Logan and Hailey both completed math and a day’s plans in their guides.

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