Another catch-up post….

We’ve been doing lots of book work for the last two days…struggling with math, catching up on our reading aloud, reviewing phonics, handwriting, spelling, and dictation. We got a bit ‘behind’ on our reading last week, so we have several chapters planned for this afternoon. I wanted to go to the library this morning, but we had a math delay and did not get to go. We may try late this afternoon but I’m not sure. If we don’t I at least have to go tomorrow morning and drop off our overdue items….don’t like paying those fees.

I’ve been looking at my curriculum choices…again. We have a while before we need to actually get anything new, but with Logan beginning high school in a year and a half I feel like I need to get my act together now for him, even though I won’t order anything until fall. There is so much and so many different ways. I found out recently that the company we currently get his program from is going to be continuing with a new guide each year through high school, so we may stay with that. But there are several other options I’m checking out. Then I have to decide how I’m gonna handle the others……but trying to relax and not stress about it. After all, they will continue learning after they leave our home so I don’t have to teach them everything there is to know…..just the most important things, and that’s not necessarily academic.

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