A much-anticipated event….

Well, we did not get pictures, so you’ll just have to imagine us at the beach. That was our ‘special activity’ that I spoke about yesterday in my post.

The kids, Hailey in particular, have been asking to go to the beach for weeks. It was never the right time…..rainy or we had something else to do or they waited until breakfast to ask. Hey, we have to have a little notice okay? 😉 But when Hailey asked again last week we told her then that we would go this weekend as long as the weather was right. It was funny hearing them all exclaim throughout the week, “I can’t wait until Saturday. We get to go to the beach!”
This morning was beautiful so we had a quick breakfast (no waffles today), loaded up, and headed out. We paid $10 (yikes!) to park for 2 hours, but at least we were right next to the beach. It would have been a chore to drag all the kids and all the gear from any distance away.
I tried to put a swimsuit on Autumn but they are both too small….we never used them. 😦 She wouldn’t have liked the water anyway, it was really cold. It was nap time for her, so I put her in the baby wrap and she slept for probably about 45 minutes that way. Karl and I took a short walk with her and Emma while the other three played in the sand. Then we came back and just kept an eye on them all. They dug deep holes, played in the surf, and used their boogie boards to ride the waves. Emma liked the water if she was with someone and it didn’t get in her face. She did not like to be alone with waves coming toward her….no matter that she was several feet away from the very edge of the water. She enjoyed playing in the sand a lot, though. The hole Logan dug was deep enough for her to stand in and only have the top of her head sticking out…..she liked that and it was fun to see her grinning at us from in there.
The water is beautiful here….made Karl and I reminisce about our cruises and discuss whether we think we can go on another one anytime soon. We’ll have to look into prices and obviously what to do with the kids, but I would love to get away with him again soon. It’s been a while.
When we pulled into our neighborhood Karl asked if we’d all like to stop at the pool….to get a pre-shower, shower. 😉 And they all actually did get showers before getting into the pool…We stopped in for about half an hour. It was long enough for the kids to get some swimming in…..even though Emma then didn’t want to leave. I think she much prefers the calm, silent pool water to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Autumn played happily on a towel while I sunbathed, though I really didn’t get much color…maybe on my face. I told Karl it’s been about 4 years since this body has been in a bikini…..too busy being pregnant or trying to get the pregnancy weight off…….LOTS of white skin that needs a tan! Logan decided pretty quickly that the water was too cold for him, so he lounged in a beach chair and helped keep an eye on Autumn, too. Then it was home for lunch and real showers, and much-needed naps for the smallest two.
It was a perfect morning and I’m glad we went. I’m hoping we can begin to make trips like that more frequently.

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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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