A morning of organizing and training….

Here are some photos of our current ‘playroom’. I have had it this way for quite some time, and would love to make some major changes, but it is working for now.As you can see, all of Emma’s toys live here. There is a table behind the shelf where we keep the kids’ computer, the Geo Safari, and where Logan often does his work.
This is Emma’s table where she serves up her delicious creations…and sometimes plays with her Legos. Her broom and mop are stored close by for easy clean-up. šŸ˜‰
The kids and I organized our home school shelf this morning. I found some bins and baskets in the garage and put them to good use.

We have our ruled paper, printer paper (which we use A LOT for drawing), and our pens/pencils/erasers in the three-drawer storage container you see in the picture. Emma’s crayons, our stapler and 3-hole punch, and the play money are all kept up top as well, along with the box where Logan keeps his index cards for RTR. The top shelf holds all of his books and notebooks that he uses for school work, plus some of my teacher manuals.
Hailey’s books for Preparing… are housed on the 2nd shelf, alongside our dictionary and the teacher’s manual for Corbin’s math. The dictionary was their dad’s, so is an older one, and they all agree that “it’s the best.” The newer ones really aren’t as good.
The bottom two shelves hold our white boards, which we use quite often for math and English lessons. Sometimes they are used just for drawing, too. The basket holds math facts cards, a box of dominoes, and some large paper coins that have been laminated. We use them as needed for math or for fun. There are also coloring books on the bottom shelf and all of the emerging readers and story time books we use with Corbin. The white you see peeking out from underneath are corners of poster board we have tucked between the wall and the back of the shelf that we use for various arts and crafts.

I have to say, re-organizing has made me feel so good! I am now ready to get started with school work tomorrow to see if things flow better. I worked on having ‘blanket time’ with Emma today, too. She resisted a tiny bit, trying to come off the blanket a couple of times before her time was up, but I’m sure if I’m consistent she will get better. Still, we were able to do it for about 30 minutes which I think is a great start. I believe the better organized I am the easier it will be to give her ‘blanket time’ activities as well as get the book work done. Looking forward to more changes over the next weeks!

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One Response to A morning of organizing and training….

  1. really.truly says:

    I love those green baskets with the white bookcase. Organizing is my love language šŸ™‚

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