Learning from…….anyone

Doesn’t he look like a natural?
I really thought this was a great picture of what real-life-learning is. This man came over today, with our landlord, to repair our refrigerator, kitchen faucet, and garbage disposal. Our landlord left him here working, for probably about an hour and a half, because he had to go to the doctor. Once he was finished I offered him some water, a seat, and we talked a little. He noticed Karl’s guitar and asked if he could see it. I figured Karl wouldn’t mind so I let him have it. He plays around a little bit with he guitar too and played a song or two. Now Corbin had been watching this gentleman already…….looking at all of the things he’d been doing, helping him with the fuse box, getting him a flashlight, etc. So when he began to play the guitar Corbin was right there next to him. He asked Corbin if he knew how to play and when Corbin said he didn’t know how yet (that’s on our list of to-do’s!) the man offered to show him some things. I don’t know what all Corbin actually took away from his lesson, but of course I had to get some pictures. They aren’t the best but I wanted to put them here anyway. I love the way real-life=learning! And what a giving guy.


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