More of our week

This week Logan made blueberry muffins, all by himself. All I did was get out the cookbook and find our favorite recipe for him. Hailey made dinner for all the kids last night. It was just chicken nuggets and fries, but she read the directions and got all the plates ready. Karl pulled the pans out of the oven for her because she still worries she’ll get burned.

Corbin has taken to helping care for his two younger sisters. He volunteered to clean Emma up and get her our of her high chair today, and she let him!
I love having older children at the same time that I have younger children. They are learning to think about other people, be servants, and it is taking some work away from me occasionally now that they can help. I think it’s time to begin having the older two make a meal each week. 😉
We completed some more math, English, handwriting, typing, an reading aloud today, too.
SAINTS was yesterday morning. The whole group was taking the Presidential Fitness Test. All of our kids did well. Hailey beat all the girls and all but one boy in her age group in push ups….boy push ups. She’s tough! And Corbin did just about as many push ups as his brother and sister. I’m really proud of all of them for their success and their excitement about participating. This has been a great activity for them to do each week and it will be sorely missed when classes end for the summer. I know they will be ready to go when classes pick back up in August!


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