Home Economics

It’s Sunday morning, and Logan needed to have his clothes ironed. I told everyone I was gonna go “iron these clothes”, then realized it was an opportune moment to teach Logan how to iron his own clothes. Of course he caught on quickly. I showed him how to do it by ironing one leg of his pants and he did the rest. When it came time for the polo shirt, I showed him then he did the work. He has one little spot on the back of his pants that really needed to be ironed better, but he did a great job. Next time he can just go get the job done.

By the way, I am able to use the Internet because my husband came with me. He has an air card so he can access the Internet for work while here and anyone else with a computer can also access the Internet, so here I am. You guys are so lucky….you’ll get to continue having regular updates after all. 😉

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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