An interesting field trip for 4

Yesterday, Karl was invited to go shrimping with his uncle in a local bay. His uncle goes quite often when it is shrimping ‘season’ and Karl grew up doing this. Of course he went, and took Logan and Hailey along. They left here around 6:30 p.m. and I did not see them again until just after 2 this morning! I did see one Facebook status update telling that they had brought in 15 lb. on the first set…..they set the nets three more times and Karl’s uncle thinks they got about 50 pounds altogether. I can’t wait to try some of those fresh shrimp! I wasn’t there so I didn’t see firsthand, but the kids learned how to set nets for catching shrimp, how to sort out the ‘debris’ (just whatever is in the nets besides shrimp, like trash or crabs, whatever; throwing it back into the water…….well, hopefully not the trash, but you get the idea)) from the shrimp. They learned how to ‘suffer’ the cold to enjoy the experience. I think they had a great time……and spent valuable time with family. I was a little worried about them, but they got home safely. I’m looking forward to hearing more about their trip today.


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