Mom is learning all the time…..

I’ve been doing lots of reading, at my mom’s and on the way home yesterday (well, when I wasn’t sleeping!) I read The Relaxed Homeschool, A Family Production by Mary Hood, Ph.D. A quick read and some interesting stuff. I also began reading Guerrilla Learning, How to Give Your kids a Real Education With or Without School by Grace Llewellyn and Amy Silver. This one has some great tidbits. I especially like these particular comments:

“Students create their success. Learning may take place in schools, but learning is bigger than schools, and schools don’t make learning; learners do.”
“(…..view academic learning in the context of your children’s overall growth and character. Academics are not all-important; education should serve life, not the other way around.) When you really begin to see school as smaller than your kids’ educations, you may find that you’re able to relax and stop worrying so much about the markers of conventional success (or failure).”
I love those ideas, and I definitely need to continue reminding my self of those things. I know it, but I keep getting my self into trouble and stressed out when I forget it and begin to wonder what I’m not doing right. I see them learning all the time, I understand that the book work is just one small part of that. Having our entire day taken up with writing/math/English is not practical nor is it necessary. Now I just need to put that into practice……
How do I do it? First, I’ll just keep reading……..

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1 Response to Mom is learning all the time…..

  1. really.truly says:

    I love Mary Hood's books. You are encouraging me….need to do my homework before we head into a new year. So many people in my area are textbook or school at home learners. I want to be keep the "love of learning" in our home. Actually, I want to get it there in the first place :)Hope you are well!

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