Today’s re-cap

Today’s work consisted of the following:

  • math
  • English
  • handwriting
  • typing
  • left side of guide
for the older two.
  • math
  • spelling
  • ETC
  • reading
for Corbin.
They all took turns playing with Emma throughout the morning, as well. During part of the morning, Logan went with his dad to the clubhouse to work out. They ran, did push-ups, and tried to do weights but apparently Logan has to be 16 for that, clubhouse rules. Now, Hailey and Corbin are watching White Lion, a movie made from a book Hailey read a while back. We will do our reading aloud once that is over.
I sorted through baby clothes, hung some in the closet, and put more in the too big/too little box this morning. I also explained math lessons to Hailey and Corbin. I helped Emma put stickers on paper, and let her experiment with a ‘new’ toy……one we’ve had packed away but she’s never seen. I don’t know the name for it, but it has different colored pegs that fit into holes in a foam base. She seemed to really enjoy them, and that, combined with stickers/coloring and her magnetic dolls, gave me quite a good chunk of time to get those clothes dealt with……still have more to do, though.
The little girls are napping now, so it’s movie and snack time. See ya soon!

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wife, mama to five
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