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A link for you

Read here for more info. about our morning……if you want.

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Our morning’s events….

Today we cooked for that family we provide a meal for once a month. I had it planned out this time….no rushing, yay! On the menu is scalloped potatoes, broccoli, and chicken breasts (in a casserole dish) with homemade Herb … Continue reading

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My first Saturday Confession….

1. I’ve been wanting to link up with Melissa at her site for Saturday confessions, but haven’t felt like anything I had to ‘confess’ would be interesting. 2. I am still in my pajamas….and often am at 10:30 a.m. 3. … Continue reading

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Our learning today…..

We went on a field trip….to Barnes & Noble. The kids love to go there. This time, we were well-prepared, so did not need to rush home. Autumn took her morning nap in the baby wrap and Emma was in … Continue reading

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Making Whole Wheat Bread…

Here is my first attempt at making whole wheat bread with my KitchenAid. It did not rise as I had thought or hoped it would, so the loaves are a little narrow.I did a taste test and it has a … Continue reading

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