Back to the books…well, a little

This morning we did a little bit of book work. Math, handwriting, dictation/spelling, typing, ETC. Corbin wanted to know what flex meant (it was a word in his ETC workbook) so we looked it up and talked about both definitions. I showed him how the dictionary works, but I’m sure he will need much more practice before he can use it successfully on his own.

We began a Bible notebook, for each of us. Our work includes copy work, a journal page, and an illustration page. We will add to it as the weeks go by. This week’s verse is Proverbs 1:7-8. We will probably carry that into next week since it is already Thursday and we’ve just begun studying it. I think we will hang out in Proverbs for a while because there is so much knowledge to be gained.
Logan actually completed a whole day’s worth of plans from his guide, but Hailey, Corbin, and I were catching up on the last bit of reading from our current unit in Preparing Hearts for His Glory. She will complete a full day of plans tomorrow, probably.

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