Some pictures from yesterday and a recap

Yesterday was SAINTS and the coaches were giving out completion certificates to each child.

Hailey, receiving her certificate…..and Corbin……
and Logan.
A (poor) shot of the boys’ group last night. This was before they got started.
One of them brought his guitar. Emma’s words….”I LOVE guitar.” It was tough to drag her away when it was time for bed, but she did finally go willingly.

Corbin and Hailey stayed at SAINTS all day yesterday, to make up for missing their morning session last week. Logan attended the morning session, and when we left after the certificate ceremony we, along with the babies, went to our favorite Greek place to pick up lunch. I finally got them down for their naps by 1:30 then spent a little time cleaning up. I had to go back out to get Hailey and Corbin at 4 p.m. Once we got home we cleaned up a little more, got supper started, and then I remembered that I did not have any disposable cups left for the boys to drink from during their Life Group. I ran out to BJ’s with the youngest three while Logan and Hailey stayed behind to take supper out of the oven (just fish sticks and fries). I picked up a large package of cups and some grapefruit (that was for me!)……returning home just 5 minutes before the first boy arrived! It was quite a busy day, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
This morning the three oldest children had dentist appointments…cleanings. I had thought I might go get some groceries while they were there, but decided I would have to rsuh if I did that. Instead, we left here around 8:40 a.m. and bought groceries before the appointment time, which was 10 o’clock. I had the two little ones in a cart, Corbin next to me, gave Logan a different cart, and had he and Hailey go and find things for me while I shopped for the other items on the list. Overall, they did pretty well. I only sent them for 2 things at a time so they wouldn’t forget and I think they had fun….plus they were learning an invaluable life skill that they will use for the rest of their lives. Logan even asked an associate for help when he was sent to find baby formula and couldn’t find the right size. I like that they know which brands we buy of what (mostly) so I didn’t really have to explain that to them ahead of time. They just came back with the exact item I needed. And I love that they know how to get and are not too shy to ask for help!
I dropped the kids off at their dentist’s office, then went home to quickly drop off the groceries. That way, none of our vegetables wilted in the hot car while we were with the dentist. When we got back to the office we only had to wait about 10 minutes until they were finished. Their dentist appointments went well. No cavities for any of them, and their dentist said they are all doing a great job brushing. A couple need to do a slightly better job flossing, but still got an excellent report. I am always a bit nervous when it’s cleaning time for them…….glad to see they actually are brushing well when they say they are!
Some book work was completed this afternoon…..math, English, handwriting, spelling, typing, ETC and some guide stuff.

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