Some cooking

Recently, I came across this site, and I have been reading ever since. Her recipes look delightful, and yesterday I decided I HAD to try this one. They are a favorite of the kids but I don’t usually buy them anymore….too expensive, unhealthy, and leave you feeling hungry an hour later.But when I saw the above recipe, well, I had to experiment. If I could make homemade pop tarts they would be healthier (not healthy, just better than store-bought!) AND a lot less expensive. Corbin and I gave it a whirl yesterday afternoon. Here are some photos of our time cooking together.

Rolling out the dough
Corbin crimping the edges of our first batch
Some of our second batch before crimping
A close-up of crimping
The finished product
Don’t they look lovely?

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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