Test Scores and my genius kids ;)

Test scores are in and our kids were phenomenal! It’s funny, I know in my head that it doesn’t matter, that these tests are just snapshots of what they knew on that particular day, and that they aren’t complete measures of my children’s knowledge. But it still feels great to get the scores back and see how well they did, how much they have improved since last year. I really had no expectations except that I felt they would probably do well. But all three of them excelled. Hailey’s spelling, which has always been behind her grade level, is a year ahead now, so I was happy to see that. All that reading and writing she has been doing, initiated by her, is really paying off! Corbin’s reading was exceptional…..and we never even finished phonics! And Logan, well, his scores were way above average, as usual. But like I told them, the numbers really don’t mean anything unless they take all that knowledge and ability and do something with it. I don’t mean book work and school subjects, though it could be that if they choose. What I mean is, they need to be responsible with the gifts God has given them, using their gifts and talents to the best of their ability, blessing others with them. Applying themselves in every situation, trying their best…..and their best won’t be the same as someone else’s best. I am thrilled that they are so good at taking those tests, that they enjoy them, and that the end result is positive for all of us. No pressure here. But, I do feel good about our year now. Again, I know in my head that we did ‘enough’ even though it was a crazy year and it did not always (usually) look like ‘school’. (which I actually prefer anyway!) But to know that the ‘book work’ was at a minimum and their scores were better than last year’s is the icing on the cake. There is a place for textbooks in my opinion, but it does not have to be often and maybe even not at all depending on the subject and the child. We had A LOT of life-learning this year with a new baby and a sick mommy for much of the fall. Then the holidays, a new year, and a couple of vacations…..so happy and very proud of my kids.

Now, if I can just convince my husband that we really don’t need those ratty old textbooks….or the tests…..

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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