Our learning today…..

We went on a field trip….to Barnes & Noble. The kids love to go there.

This time, we were well-prepared, so did not need to rush home. Autumn took her morning nap in the baby wrap and Emma was in the stroller…..mostly happily. We stayed as long as everyone liked, and two out of the five of them came home with something new to read. I even got a new cook book….for cooking healthy but on a budget. Everything looks great, I’ll just have to see how it all pans out.
We had a great dinner, too. Karl grilled burgers. I made souped-up potato salad (with baco bits, green onion, and ranch dressing, added to the regular mustard and mayo combination) and heated up a can of Bush’s baked beans. Easy peasy! Our dessert was homemade chocolate pudding in a homemade graham cracker crust. Corbin helped me with both. The pudding is the best any of us has had….and there is no going back to store-bought now! Hailey said, “You should make everything homemade!” Funny, because I make a lot of our food from scratch, but with the fresh bread we’ve been making, the homemade pop tarts, and now the pudding….they have all gotten spoiled and realize that homemade IS better. Okay with me….my plan is to begin making even more from scratch anyway.
I would eventually like to stop buying bread and pasta altogether….still need a few attachments (which means more $$$) for my mixer though, so we’ll have to buy at least some types of pasta for a while yet. Even so, I will save several dollars each month just from not buying bread, and I like that. Who knows? You may hear of me grinding my own wheat before long. Don’t laugh. I know several friends who do so it’s not that far of a stretch! And there is an attachment for that…..

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