Relaxation has begun!

We left Florida around 7:30 last night and with stops and all we made it to the cabin by 8 a.m. That included a 5:30 a.m. shopping spree at the local Walmart and breakfast at the local IHOP. I do not like to travel all night….for lots of reasons. But, I will say it was nice NOT to be getting in and out of the car, taking extra-long stops at rest areas etc., because we had to ALL get out of the car. We stopped for gas twice and combined potty breaks with those……I think that was it. I can feel myself relaxing already. The bubbling water over rocks, being surrounded by the green trees, feeling the cool breeze, being able to see the beautiful blue sky (okay, we can see it in FL too, but this is just different!), looking forward to grilling, tubing, relaxing…..aaaahhhhh. It makes me think of moving here every time……a girl can always hope, right?

By the way, we have the two girls napping in the same room here. Out of necessity, really. When my family gets here they would have to be in the same room, so we decided not to bother trying to put them anywhere else just for one night. At home, they already sleep in the same room over night….have been for months now….but I’ve kept them separate during naps, even when they got on the same afternoon schedule, because i was afraid of possibly losing Emmas’ nap altogether. She only takes one nap a day now…and it is needed by ALL! No need to have worried…..they did perfectly. And now, once we go home, I can start putting them in their bedroom together for naps as well. That means no more playpens being moved from hallway to bedroom (Hailey’s) to hallway again each day……AND Hailey will have her room back during the day for drawing, reading, etc. She will be very happy about that!

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wife, mama to five
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