A little this and that

We hung out on the top deck of the cabin (third story) this morning. Karl and I drank coffee while Emma ate her breakfast and Autumn sat on my lap. Emma casually says, “I love go to da cabin!” She is too cute and just melts our hearts!

Corbin and Daddy went on a hike in the woods behind the cabin this morning. It was a nice time for them to ‘bond’. They did say it was really hot out there, though. Karl also took Emma, Corbin, and Hailey on a walk down the gravel road that runs in front of the cabins here. It’s right along the river so you can watch the water bubbling over the rocks, toss some rocks into the river, or just take a leisurely stroll. Emma and Hailey had to run back though….Emma’s idea. She said “I wunnin’, Mommy!”
Autumn sat on the couch beside me for a while. Karl got some photos but we don’t have the right USB cord to post them now…we’ll do that as soon as we get back home. She’s precious, too. I have a feeling there will be a running competition between these younger two on a daily basis. Good thing we love ’em both to pieces!
This afternoon Autumn and I will stay home while Karl takes the others tubing. Emma is really looking forward to her first trip (this summer) down the river with Daddy. I’ll get to go some once the cousins, my mom, and aunt are here. I’m sure someone will volunteer to watch the baby at least one time!
Hailey and Corbin are exploring the river in front of the cabin, nets in hand, while the babies sleep. We’re watching them from the deck while we rock.

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