Saturday Confession # 2

1. Every time we go to the cabin in Georgia on vacation, I want to move there. I’m sure my husband is tired of hearing me lament our ‘city’ life.

2. I am spending this week drinking Coca-Cola, guilt-free. There is plenty of time for diets and guilt when we return home.
3. I spent the hour between 5;30 and 6:30 this morning on the couch in the living room, dozing, while waiting to see if my baby was actually awake or just ‘talking’. When she dozed back off I was able to spend one more sleep-full hour in the bed downstairs. 🙂
4. My children had a very tired, cranky mommy to deal with yesterday, thus making the first day of vacation a not-very-fun one. 😦
5. Today has been way better…..we all got some much-needed sleep last night.
6. Holding my baby girl makes me wish I could have another (or more). What’s 1 (or 5) more when you already have that many? 😉
7. Having a teenager in the house is interesting….weird that we’re that old already…..and sometimes difficult….but it’s not so bad. He’s fun to be around and I like watching him learn how to be an adult.
8. Seeing my children playing happily, together, in the river causes me to wish we lived here. Wait…..did I already say that?

About Wendy Woerner

wife, mama to five
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2 Responses to Saturday Confession # 2

  1. i used to say that too, "what's one more when you already have 4" and it's probably true, but i finally got old enough to not want to torture my body anymore with pregnancy. though if a baby would magically appear…that would be different.

  2. really.truly says:

    I love a cold, tall glass of coke. Enjoy!!

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